Feb 15, 2009

My Birthday

So, about a week ago I turned 23. It was a great birthday, especially because I have such an awesome husband who made it special. I woke up to a wonderful French toast breakfast before work, and after work I came home to a clean house and an awesome homeade pizza for dinner. There was more to the day, but I just had to write to say that I have such an awesome husband! Clint is super thoughtful, not just on my birthday, and he has been so supportive of me with my job and everything else that is going on. Thanks babe!

Clint making a pizza in his "Grill Sergeant" apron Mom Asay made him for Christmas. She made me one that has a pic of an angel on it and says "Soul Food Served Here."

The finished pizza and salad

One of the gifts I got was a homeade neck scarf from Clint's mom.
Thanks Mom Asay!

A few girls from the Single's Ward found out it was my birthday and brought me cupcakes. I think I'm going to have to get that frosting recipe and post it on here for everyone! It was great!