Nov 3, 2012

Happy (Late) Halloween!

On Halloween, Clint and I threw a party for his Taekwondo students at the academy.  We had a great turnout and some fun costumes, including alot of ninjas (surprise, surprise).  Here are a few pictures from the party.  Our family went as James Bond, Lois Lane (I did wear a badge), and Superman.

Sep 15, 2012

My New Blog

I just wanted to write to say that I have started a new blog.  I started it to document some new activities I am trying out with Colton, and it is called "Trying to Read The Mind Of a Toddler...One Day at a Time".  You can see it at   Feel free to check it out!  Also, I am going to update this blog soon - I know it has been forever!

Apr 25, 2012

Living the Dream Here in Colorado!

Hey there everyone!  I know it's a big shocker, after nine months without any posts, but I have decided to finally buckle down and give you all the update.  First of all, we live in Denver, Colorado now!  We moved here at the beginning of February so that Clint could open a martial arts academy just south of here in Lone Tree.  It has been so exciting building the school from the ground up...and challenging, as well.  There has recently been a lot of interest in the academy, and we are very grateful for all of Clint's new students.  He is working so hard to teach. train, take care of the business, and continue to be an awesome husband and father at home.  Colton and I are very lucky to have him!
    Speaking of Colton, I probably should give you all a quick update and some awesome pics of our now fourteen-month-old baby!  Holy smokes, it's been awhile.  So, Colton is such a joy to have in our family.  He is very active and energetic - it didn't take him long to go from walking to running, and he hasn't slowed down much since!  He loves to figure out how things work, taking things apart and putting them back together are among his favorite hobbies.  Clint bought him a toddler size plastic car that came with tools in order to "work on" different parts of the car, and Colton takes this toy very seriously.  Often, he will tinker with the plastic screws on the engine, climb into the car, and then look at me with a look that says - "Ok mom, that was easy.  What else would you like fixed around here?"  Colton also loves music and has pretty good rhythm - he loves to dance and has quite the "bop" going on when we turn up the music!  All in all, despite the challenges that come with this kiddo, he keeps us laughing and we are grateful for him.  Here are a few pics to show how big he is getting.


Halloween 2011 - Colton looks like he's thinking - "Really, mom?  A lion  is the best that you could do?
 Colton prepping for Colorado weather - Sledding around in our laundry basket
                                           Christmas 2011
                                                                  Colton walking
  Colton leaving his mark on the martial arts academy - "Have fun cleaning that one, dad!"

Jul 25, 2011

5 Months

Colton turned five months old about a week ago, and so I have a lot of updating to do. Here are a few of my favorite pics from Colton's blessing day. More to come soon!
Clint's mom made him an awesome blessing outfit
for the occasion
With his Grandpa Webb who came all the way
from AZ for the blessing
With Grandmama Ancell - How special for Colton to
to be able to live close to her right now
With Grandma and Grandpa Asay
Clint's brother and sister brought their families to the blessing.
We had a blast hanging out with them!

Right before church - the knitted hat only stayed on a grand total of five minutes

Working his charm on his aunt Paige and cousin Lane

Jul 13, 2011

Mama's Boy or Daddy's Little Sidekick...Which is it?

If we are judging solely on his wardrobe and the number of "I Love Mommy" onesies in the closet, I'd say I win. If we are judging based on who gets the biggest belly laughs and looks of pure adoration, Clint definitely takes the cake. We sure love our little guy!

Apr 29, 2011

Happy Boy!

Playing a Game...

Winning the Game!