Jul 17, 2010

World TaeKwonDo Championships

I just wanted to brag on Clint a little bit. He has been training hard for the last few months to prepare for the BIG TOURNAMENT! For the last few days, Clint has been participating in the TaeKwonDo World Championships. He competed in the Lvl. 4 Third Degree Black Belt Men Division (The Highest Ranking 3rd Degrees).

He came home with the Gold Medal in Traditional Forms, the Gold Medal in FreeStyle Forms, and the Gold Medal in Sparring.

Here is some footage of his first sparring match!


ALSO, Mr. Griffin (Clint's Instructor & Boss) Tested for his 7th Degree Black Belt at this Event - You can see his demonstration at YOUTUBE - Search GRIFFINTIGERROCK, and look for 7th degree One Steps!

Jul 11, 2010

Trick 2 - Back Flip

On my quest to more tricks, here is the second pit-stop. The back flip!

Jul 4, 2010

Mississippi Fireworks!

There are some great blessings to living in Mississippi - Cool Fireworks is One of Them!

Check it Out!

California Adventure!

Alright, in an effort to be better bloggers, we are going to describe our Disneyland and California Adventure experience! This was Clint's first time to Disney, and he was like a giddy girl! Running around and taking pictures with princesses!
One of the coolest things to see was in California Adventureland where they have a Zoetrope that demonstrates animation with models and strobe lights...
Check This Out!

Ashley LOVED being with her family (and Clint), it was MAGICAL!

The parade was different than Ashley remembered it - more of a street dance party. Speaking of street dance parties...
California Adventure has a street that they TOTALLY deck out at night into a huge, well, don't really know how to describe it... But you can look at the video and see the 301st SPARTAN! (He did Not Make the Cut...)

Jul 3, 2010

Jul 2, 2010

Butterfly Twist

Nationals in 2 Weeks Here in Jackson! Finally got my BTwist Back!
Back Tuck and Double Leg Next!

A Disney Highlight!

We got back from Disney recently and will be posting some of the highlights from the trip over the next few days... this was perhaps the coolest show ever! WONDERFUL WORLD of COLOR at California Adventureland. All Water, Lasers, Fire, Music, it was AWESOME! Here is a glimpse!