Jun 20, 2008

The Return

We're back from Mississippi! And I must say the thing that I will miss the most about being away from Provo is not fearing for my life everytime I drive in this crazy town...

Jun 13, 2008

Dojo Clint

As it turns out, coming out to Mississippi has turned out to be a life changing experience. We came so that I could spend some time working at a local Physical Therapy clinic and get some experience to throw down on my applications for PT school. At the same time, I've been able to train with my Instructor, Mr. Griffin at the TaeKwonDo School. Some of you may know that I have been exploring the idea of opening a Martial Arts school some day, and well, that Future is near...

Yes, we have decided on a different career path. I will be opening my own Tae Kwon Do academy with Mr. Griffin.

I've got a year to finish up my degree at BYU (And get back my "Fighting Figure" back ;) and then we will be returning to MS for me to train and work the business side of the TKD Academy here in Jackson, then we will look for a location for my own school, (Suggestions?... Anyone..?) We will be looking at various locations in the US.

This is all a little un-expected but we are surely excited about it! Be back to Utah very soon! And hopefully they haven't given away our apartment... See you all soon!