May 28, 2010

O' Canada!

One of the great things about being a Martial Arts Instructor is that you get to work with kids everyday! And sometimes there is just a jewel of a moment where they say the darndest, funniest stuff...

Part of the test for each student to advance to their next rank is an oral exam - they must answer specific questions about Taekwondo, its origin, their rank, instructors, etc... so I asked one of them last night, "Where does Taekwondo come from?" without a moments hesitation is Yelled, "CANADA sir!" ... I couldn't help myself, I giggled a little, and corrected him, "It's Korea." To which he immediately qualified, "I KNEW it started with a "C" sir!"

Korea may not, but Cute sure does - hence the story.

May 16, 2010

The Crusty Stuff

Well, considering the fact that it has been months since my last post, I think it's about time for an update. Everything is going well for us right now in MS. Spring is here, and I love the weather (Now I just need to get my allergies to cooperate so I can really enjoy it!) Work is staying busy for both of us, but especially Clint. He has been working especially hard to get word out about the Taekwondo school and some of the deals they have going on. For those of you who don't already know, I am actually taking Taekwondo right now and I am getting ready to test for my green belt. This has been a great goal for me because it is totally challenging and out of my comfort zone. It is also very rewarding, and it is so fun to see Clint in action as he teaches at the school. He is such a natural and maintains a discipline that my mentor teachers would have been proud of at BYU. Anyway, I have posted a picture of one of their latest flyers - for those of you who don't know, another Karate Kid movie is going to be coming out this summer.

Let's see...what else is new. Oh, I am working on some crafty projects for the summer. I am knitting an afghan for our couch right now and since I got a sewing machine for my birthday I have plans to sew some throw pillows for our couch as well. I'm pretty excited - I'll post pics once I have something to show. Oh, I bought some new glasses recently, which has come in handy during allergy season when I can't always wear contacts. And Darby Jane, we are now twins! I didn't realize our glasses were so similar! Here is a picture of the new look.

Just as a little side note, I had a pretty funny conversation with some coworkers during my lunch break recently. We were talking about good food, and I complimented one of our cooks on the great fried chicken she had made for lunch that day. When people make fried chicken around here, they do not mess around! She was pretty excited that I had actually eaten lunch on fried chicken day, (I rarely do) and she had me laughing as she talked about amazed she is that I bring apples and carrots and other healthy foods for snacks. She's already told me that she can't get excited about those healthy foods - it's got to be nice and greasy for her to want to eat it! (Yuck!) But then, she was talking about what I'm going to let my future kids eat and not eat. "I bet you're kids won't even know what fried chicken is!" she said. "If they see someone eating it and ask what it is, you'll say, 'Oh, don't look at that honey, it's nothing you need to worry about,' and then you will change the subject quick before they are tempted by the crust on that chicken!" I just about died laughing at that. Yep- they pretty much have me figured out here!