Nov 19, 2008

AZ Trip

So, I thought it was about time to post pics from our AZ trip, since it was in August! What a fun trip - we had a blast!

Me, my friend Lindsay, and her daughter Becca Lynn. Don't be fooled by Becca's face - she totally loved me!

Mom and I making cute cards together

Outside The Cheesecake Factory, one of my all-time favorite restaurants

Playing pool with Marcus and Amy - I think it's pretty obvious who won

Out to lunch with Mom and Dad

Sisterly Love

Clint with Olivia - Can you tell how quickly she won him over?

Me and my adorable nieces, Bailey and Olivia

Nov 6, 2008

Mississippi Pics

So, I am finally posting the pictures from Clint's internship in Mississippi this past Spring. Enjoy!
Clint and his brothers at Gerald's law school graduation

Clint, Sam, and Monty Dog working up a sweat

Clint's mom taught me how to knit while we were there. She made me this cute knitting bag, and I made a washcloth, baby hat, and a few other things.

Dad Asay and Clint grilling up some chicken

Shooting off fireworks

Clint found a crawdad when he was
working outside