Jan 28, 2010

No Excuse

So, I know that I have no excuse for leaving everyone hanging for months wondering what we have been up to. Don't worry, I won't try to make one up. But thank you, Crystal, for encouraging me to write something of an update on our blog. Clint and are staying busy - Clint has been especially busy at the Taekwondo school now that he is the sole manager there. He is working hard to make sales and better organize the school, and he is doing a great job. I am still working as an Administrative Assistant at The Nichols Center nursing home, and it has been a good experience for me. I enjoy working with the residents, and the office manager has given me a lot more responsibility in the office. I definitely don't get bored anymore, and I think I am grateful for that...hee,hee. Anyway, I also recently started taking Taekwondo in December so that I can better support Clint in his career and learn some sweet self defense moves as well. I am having fun, making friends, and I will possibly be testing for my yellow belt next week. Let's see, Clint and I love our new apartment, and I am FINALLY getting our second room cleaned out so that we can use it for more than just storage. Who knows - I might make it into a craft room. Well, I have to go but I just wanted everyone to know that Clint and I are enjoying life!